Sanitation and Fumigation

The Short-term delivery plan shall be a National Mobilization for Environmental Sanitation and Fumigation of Nigeria. Some days will be set aside for a clean-up exercise across the Nation. For effective management of wastes, we plan to establish a proper waste management and recycling plants across the Nation. At least one recycling plant in each local government shall be established. We will also lead a strong advocacy for behaviourial change in terms of the disposal of wastes. It is anticipated that at least two million jobs will be created from this. The initiator of this project Prince Ned Nwoko is advocating for the declaration of a National Day of Fumigation in Nigeria. For active participation, community members will be made stakeholders of their environments during the campaign. Town hall meetings will be held to appoint sanitation officers and ambassadors at the grassroot level. Also, there shall be Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) and Larviciding. The Federal Ministry of Environment is a major stakeholder for the implementation of this strategy.