The malaria elimination campaign was flagged off via a symbolic expedition to the Antarctica by Prince Ned Nwoko in January, 2020. The Antarctica is surrounded by a vast, unbroken and dynamic body of water known as the Southern Ocean, which constitutes about 15% of the world’s total ocean surface. Prince Ned Nwoko’s made history as the first black African to ever visit the South Pole. Prince Ned Nwoko will leverage on the global attention this expedition would attract to create awareness on Malaria and how to permanently eliminate it in Africa. Prince Ned Nwoko’s audacious journey to the White Desert in Antarctica through Cape Town South Africa is truly an expedition to educate the people and refocus global attention to the oldest and deadliest health challenge that has been confronting Africa for thousands of years – Malaria. He made history as the first black African to visit the South Pole Antarctica. He mounted the Nigerian flag at the region with a message of Malaria Eradication in Africa.

While in Antarctica, he met with scientists working in different research-based stations of Russia, US, UK, South Africa, etc. They advised on best practices on how to adopt the fumigation and environmental clean-up so as not to bring about negative climate action. He also had a meeting with leaders of a Canadian company who are experts on aerial fumigation. The company has done fumigation in other countries and are currently working with reputable oil firms in Nigeria. They have done the geographical mapping of Nigeria as such aerial fumigation of the entire country is very doable.