• Malaria affects families in Africa and renders children and infants incapable of cognitive development. Burden of Malaria Africa
  • Malaria grossly hinders the expansion of tourism and culture. It greatly incapacitates and impoverishes the people.
  • Malaria increases school absenteeism and impairs educational development of children and youths in Africa.

Upon realization of the above grim statistics, Prince Ned Nwoko felt the need to reverse the trend, first by taking deliberate steps to depopulate the deadly mosquito vectors in Africa starting with Nigeria.

The target is to take the malaria elimination programme to the point where the disease won’t constitute a threat to public health. The Ned Nwoko Foundation appreciates the concerted efforts of the civil society and governments in combating Malaria in Africa. The foundation lauds the various interventions already in place such as the Roll Back Malaria programme, National Malaria Elimination Programme and provision of treated mosquito nets which have indeed helped a great deal to curb the scourge. The foundation is committed to working together with relevant stakeholders to deal a fatal blow on the malaria pandemic to pave way for a healthier Africa.

Guiding Principle

Own up to your land and wipe the vectors out from there.

Our Goal

The goal of this project is to accelerate towards the attainment of malaria free Nigeria and adopt the same model in other African Countries.

  • To strengthen collaboration for malaria elimination in Africa.
  • To establish and support Academic Research Grant for malaria vaccine development.
  • To mobilize communities and stakeholders to take ownership of the programme and its activities.
  • To accelerate sub-regional approach that will allow all the countries in the continent to achieve their malaria elimination goals, thus paving the way towards a malaria-free Africa.
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