With the goal to accelerate towards the attainment of malaria free Nigeria and Africa as a whole, in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) declaration, Prince Ned Nwoko, the Executive Chairman, Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation (PNNF) on Wednesday, held a world press conference on Malaria Eradication Awareness Project.

Briefing journalists on the proposed capital intensive project, first of its kind in Africa, at the Wells Charlton Hotel and Apartment in Abuja, Prince Nwoko noted that the malaria disease is endemic across Africa continent and to get rid of its menace in our societies, Africans needed systematic and holistic approaches to tackle it.

He believed that diseases spread by mosquitoes constitute a threat to public health with the annual highest record of deaths in Africa.

However, he lamented inability of many advanced pharmaceutical companies, mostly from European countries in spite decades of research, without finding an effective malaria vaccine with efficacy to bring lasting solutions to the control or eliminating the scourge of malaria in Africa.

Prince Ned Nwoko , World Press Conference on Malaria Eradication Awareness

Prince Nwoko, who further explained that the project, the mosquito elimination and malaria eradication campaign will be flagged off via a symbolic expeditions to the Antarctica by himself and his admirable wife, Regina Daniels Nwoko in January, 2020.

He emphasized that the project is specifically designed with objective to invest in development of anti-malaria vaccine through the Academic Research Grant.

To achieve this, a grant of $150,000 will be provided to 5 leading universities in Africa, where best, outstanding and most qualified students and researchers can have access to the grants, with a view to aiding their research works.

According to Prince Nwoko, living an healthy and prosperous societies, has been linked to a free malaria environments. To this effect, the foundation has in its master plan, the National mobilization for the fumigation of Nigeria and other African countries.

While speaking further on the fumigation of Nigeria, he called for synergy and collaborative efforts of all relevant stakeholders, particularly the National Assembly, in supporting the realization of the project for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.